Welcome to LagunaPrivatePools.com! We are a group of individuals who are passionately in love with our native town and province. We are from Los Baños, Special Science and Nature City of the Philippines. We were born and raised in this town also known for its natural hot spring resorts and bathing places.

We made it our hobby to share our good word to the world about Los Baños and the Province of Laguna, and this website is aimed to deliver to you the best hidden private resorts that the whole province must be proud of.


LagunaPrivatePools.com was born out of frustration that some of the beautiful private resorts we have in the province are not marketed globally, and thus superseded by large resort hotels that have the capitalization for intense marketing and promotion. It is quite depressing that tourists from Manila and from other provinces and even travelers from other countries do not have fast, easy and convenient access to information about private resorts and private pool rest houses in Laguna when in fact, our province is known to be the Resorts Capital of the Philippines.

Searching for private resorts, private villas and bath houses for rent only leads you to listings that provide only contact details and addresses. But how can you be sure that these resorts are of first class quality in terms of services offered and resort features? How can you be sure that these resorts fit your preferences?

 Service Offered

Those are the questions we aim to answer and goals we mean to attain as we provide a comprehensive gallery of beautiful private resorts in Laguna. All your needed information are just a click away, and the actual photos of the resorts and each of their features are brought to you for your perusal. We save you from the hassle of checking each place referred to you by your man-on-the-street resort agent. In the comforts of your home or office, you can easily book and reserve your chosen private pool. For the booking process, just click here. If you still have  questions in mind or not yet sure if the specs of the resorts fit your event, don’t hesitate to inquire.

 What we promise

The mission of LagunaPrivatePools.Com is to contribute towards pleasant and enjoyable experience to Laguna visitors by providing complete, accurate and up-to-date information about private pools and resorts in Laguna and on top of it, provide a fast and efficient booking for local and foreign tourists to their desired private pools or private resorts.

For private resort owners who want to be listed and featured in this resort directory, please email us at admin@lagunaprivatepools.com. Likewise, for small business owners or individuals who want to put up their own website for a wider market reach, we also provide website building training and/or services.